Welcome to Orla James Wedding Jewellery

We are a UK based online wedding jewellery boutique here to help you find the perfect wedding rings and jewellery to symbolise your love for and marriage to your partner.

We know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to buying engagement rings, wedding rings, men’s wedding rings and jewellery and that you want to get the best value for your money. That is why we are committed to delivering the best possible customer service and we have developed complementary services so that you can get the jewellery you have always wanted.

Find out about our Sample Service where we send you models of the rings you are interested in, so you can see the finish and test how it will look on your hand before you buy. If you want to really personalise your engagement and wedding rings then we offer a free ring engraving service so that you can write a message for each other to take everywhere with you.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding gifts, delivery or anything else on our site www.OrlaJames.com.

Diamond Engagement Rings

So you’re thinking of asking the question? Making that one lifetime commitment that we all aspire to, and we all want to make perfect. Prove yourself as romantic, by proposing to your loved one with a diamond engagement ring with Orla James, where it’s not just a ring, but it’s a promise.

In our range of engagement rings, we offer a variety of styles that will suit all different kinds of people, whether they’re on simple tastes, or looking to impress with extravagance. We offer these rings in a variety of ring metals, each one crafted into a beautiful shape that will showcase a beautiful set diamond on the top of the band, held securely by the prongs of precious metal. You can choose from Platinum, or 18-carat Gold in yellow or white alternatives. You then get the choice of a fantastic diamond to add those glamorous finishing touches. Our diamonds are of GSI1 grade, and are available in a variety of carats and cuts, from Princess cut diamonds to Round diamonds, you can be sure to pick the one that is perfect for you.

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is an important and significant part of a marriage ceremony. The exchanging of rings is a symbolic expression of the permanent flow of love and the couple’s promise to each other, and the circular nature of the ring itself is expressive nor a start or an end of a couple’s love. But where do they come from? Where did this wedding tradition originate?

Check out our range of wedding rings at https://www.orlajames.com/p/s/wedding-rings/.

The Origin of Wedding Rings

The Egyptians were the first to use the wedding rings. They wore the wedding ring on their left hand, as they strongly believed that the vein in the left hand went straight to the heart. Romans also adopted the culture of gifting wedding rings and they were the first to have their rings engraved, which is also a style we have adopted at Orla James that you can check out here.

Around the year 860 the Christians started following this tradition and used intricately designed bands, after the popularity of the wedding ring spread across multiple cultures and religions worldwide.  In the 12th century, Pope Innocent the Third decreed that all marriages celebrated under the Catholic Church must include a ring as part of the ceremony, although initially just for the woman. Nowadays both men and women now show their commitment and love for each other by exchanging rings on their wedding day, and as such we sell his and hers rings here at Orla James, both with a wide range and extensive choices unlike most high-street jewellers. After a huge surge in the 19th century, wedding rings have become a popular tradition in the western world, and they are seen as the most popular expression of commitment and a true token of eternal love in global cultures, epitomising unity and harmony.

Trending Wedding Rings

We at Orla James understand that style is one of the most important factors in picking the ring that is representative of you and your partner, if not THE most. So we’re taking it upon ourselves to update you all on some of the most popular wedding ring styles, as and when they come to light. This gives you the opportunity to decide if recent trends are the perfect fit, or if you’re going to break the mould with a ring that screams you!

Most recently traditional gold wedding rings have become popular again, although platinum wedding rings remain as the most treasured, but identical metal palladium is also making it’s mark amongst brides and grooms, sharing multiple properties possessed by titanium rings. The antique look of rose gold is also making a significant return for Summer 2014, and at we at Orla James have noticed a significant amount of orders placed on rose gold wedding rings.

The Benefits of Buying Wedding Rings Online

  1. Reduced overheads means that 50% savings and more are not unusual.
  2. Try at home sample service means you can enjoy trying on different weddings rings at your leisure.
  3. No pressure from commission based retail store sales assistants, just our team eager and waiting for you to tell us what you desire.
  4. Online stores such as Orla James provide uncomplicated money back guarantees and generous return policies.
  5. Free delivery with full insurance coverage offered by the merchant until the product is delivered safely in the hands of the buyer.

Diamond Pendants & Earrings

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friends, and with the help of Orla James they don’t have to come with that hefty price tag, giving you the chance to shine as brightly as stars in the night sky.

Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary present, valentines or wedding gift, or just something to say “I love you” then diamond jewellery will certainly never fail you.

Our Diamond earrings come in a variety of carats, giving you the choice between 0.25-carat to a whole 2.00-carat total, all in SI2 clarity. No matter what carat or clarity however, the cut of these diamond earrings deliver the brightest shine out of any cut available in the jewellery market, overtaking the likes of the princess and baguette cut diamonds.

The diamonds are held firmly in place with an 18-Carat White Gold or Platinum grip, delivering a luxurious and sophisticated glow from every possible angle, perfectly partnered with one of our diamond pendants.

These pendants come in a variety of carats to deliver a consistent and equal measure of shine when partnered with the matching earrings. The diamond pendant is also a round cut diamond, so regardless of the carat your sparkles will be plenty.

Each pendant comes on either an 18-Carat White Gold or Platinum Chain that comes to 16 inches, giving you glow and shine in every aspect of your diamond jewellery.

To find out more about the diamond jewellery we have on offer, and how you can perfectly partner your diamond pendant with a pair of matching earrings and your perfect wedding ring, call the Orla James team on 01903 331 707.


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